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All annual NYCC coverage can be found here.

Bald Rage: 10 Things I Learned @Comic Con (2011)

 10. The lack of soap and water used this year was simply staggering9. Slick have big feet. SLICK STOMP! aka I apologize to the chick whose ankle I stepped on and...

Slick’s Quick Hits: Prototype 2 (first ever playable demo from NY Comic Con)

Alex Mercer survived the Nuclear explosion off the coast of Manhattan and nothing good has come of it. The Blacklight virus has survived and he is picking up where Elizabeth Greene...

NY Comic Con 2011 Cosplay On Display

NY Comic Con continues to improve every year and one of the highlights for me and the crew are all the fantastic cosplayers on the show floor. Nothing screams fan more...

MTR at NY Comic Con 2011 [Day One]

 Our 1st Day at Comic Con aka Press Day was our most productive day and full of all sorts of awesome. Besides having free reign of the show floor to meet...

NY Comic Con TV Panel Details….Get ’em Here!

So, as most of you probably have heard, the New York Comic Con was this past weekend, bringing a reported 100,000 fanboys and fangirls to the Jacob Javits Center and yes, my...

Slick’s Hits: GoodGameTV

The 2010 New York Comic-Con is over and My Take Radio has completed its first official press event. We got to see a lot of new games, movies and met some...

1st Impressions: Marvel v Capcom 3

After a long Comic Con weekend, I look forward to providing you with kick ass content over the coming weeks. One of the main reasons I wanted to go to NYCC was...

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