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1st Impression: UFC Personal Trainer ( Kinect)

When the Kinect first burst on the scene we all knew that the physical fitness games were going to see some major changes with regard to total use of the body. Dance Central and EA Sports active were only scratching the surface of the Kinect’s potential as an exercise tool. Zumba and a ton of others have also come along and been well received. As an MMA fan I know that the level of training of mixed martial artists are leaps and bounds ahead of most traditional conditioning programs and it was only a matter of time till those training principals were shared with the masses. The trailer you are about to see is for the UFC Personal Trainer for the Kinect that not only  gives you MMA training programs but also gives people a glimpse into the fundamentals of the sport From heavy and speed bag work, mitt work and even a simulated tire flip. It brings a smile to my face to see MMA embraced by the masses not only as a sport but also as a valuable training tool. While I don’t see the UFC Personal Trainer replacing the camaraderie of a gym and the thrill of live sparing maybe it will be the next step in the development of future fighters and may even inspire children to embrace the disciplines that comprise mixed martial arts. Be on the lookout for more coverage of this game from MTR and maybe from  some of our colleagues as well.What do you guys think of this latest use of the Kinect platform? Does this title have the tools to succeed?

Trailer Credit: GameTrailers.com
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