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Deep Silver Shows Off Their GAT V & Wild West Pack DLC

Deep Silver has been riding a wave momentum with Saints Row IV and we all knew the once GTA V hit stores the momentum would shift in Rockstar's favor. Deep Silver released new trailers for their DLC which is out now.

GAT V is a nice jab at GTA V which is admirable and amusing all the same.  The GAT V DLC includes a Gat themed outfit and hair along with a combat knife launcher and a 50. cal rifle. As an added bonus you will so get an Aisha costumes as well.  GAT V DLC was available for free on Steam for one day ( 9/17 only! Hope you got it) only and afterwards will cost $2.99 for consoles and PC.

The Wild West pack is gives your male and female characters wild west attire which I am sure was obvious from the DLC title. Gamers will also get a Western themed shotgun and revolver to round out that DLC.

Who picked up the free DLC on Steam?

Are you will to pay for both DLC packs?

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