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Dying Light Will Soak The Countryside In Oil and Blood

Dying Light - Be the Zombie Enhanced

Dying Light has been terrorized for the past year. Those who walked the path of Kyle Crane have lived in fear whenever the sun went down. Of course there is the threat of crazed infected and the Volatile, but there was something more. The Volatile had a guardian; an ultimate zombie that protects their hives so they can spawn in safety. This was the Night Hunter and unless you turned off the invasion feature, you always had to worry about another player literally invading your game.

That was then; now the playing field is a little more evened out. In the above video, the developer said your only weapon against the Night Hunter is your UV light. How about if your UV light has 200hp, spikes, a flamethrower and an electrified shell? The Night Hunter will be able to invade your game in Dying Light: The Following, but now that you have your dune buggy, you are better equipped to handle the invasion. It's time to show that dead bastard who's boss. All I can say to the Night Hunter is


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