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Game of Thrones – “The More You Love”

Here's one for the ladies……or so it seems. They always try to prey on our rom-com tendencies, eh ladies? Little do they know that my violent tendencies are right up there with it (oops TMI).

The newest trailer for season 2 of Game of Thrones is all about the relationship angles this coming season. (Well, except Daenarys proclaiming she wil take what she wants with fire and blood – that's not very lovey.) All these angles will surely come at a high cost to many characters. Let's see whose head gets chopped off this season, huh HBO! (Sorry, I am still a little mad about it.)

We have Sansa swearing her loyalty to that twit Joffrey and THE WORST crown ever!  (I don't buy it for one second!) Robb Stark has a himself a gal, but oh, the pressure of living up to your father. Jon Snow's got someone too. Jorah seemingly tells Daenarys some feelings he has, and there's some shit with Cersei – oh, and she slaps said twit Joffrey (so worth it). We also have Tyrion and his lady from last season doing the nasty. He is awesome!

Are you ready? April 1st is right around the corner!


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