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Gamefly Queue Review: You Don’t Know Jack

I rented You Don’t Know Jack with the intention of getting an enjoyable party game to play with my family. What I ended up playing was a game that got on my nerves five minutes into it.


  • Made great use of the Scene It controllers
  • Decent trivia questions
  • Fun to play with four players


  • If I could kill the “host” I would. One of the most annoying aspects of this game.
  • Replay ability goes out the window without any DLC.
  • Online gameplay gets stale very quickly as losing players tend to rage quit.
  • Less time with lame jokes and more time asking questions! Joke overkill hard at work.


The snark and sarcasm of the “host” starts off witty enough, but the longer you play the more annoyed you become. By the time we were done playing this game, I legitimately tossed it across of the room in disgust, anger and loathing.

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