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Gamefly Queue Review: Dead or Alive 5

The cover of Dead or Alive 5 video game.
The cover of Dead or Alive 5 video game.

After some brief time away from the Dead or Alive series I was pleasantly surprised by the evolution of the series as well as the new martial arts disciplines on display including MMA (Mila) and Taekwondo(Rig).


  • Smooth and fluid animation along with enhanced graphics
  • Sweat and dirt add realism to the combat.
  • 8-way directional movement allows for varied attacks and does not look unnatural
  • Danger modes (environmental hazards) add to the strategy and are visually impressive. They can be turned off of course.
  • Easily accessible by new players with a quick learning curve.


  • Story mode is a cut scene laden jumbled mess.
  • The counter attack system can at times be frustrating.
  • Input lag during online matches affects matches tremendously. If you have a full connection and fight someone with two bars the lag becomes unbearable.



  • Players being nickel and dimed to get costumes with some well above five bucks



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