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Grand Theft Auto V Fans Take A Shot To The Heart This Friday

The Grand Theft Auto franchise has brought Rockstar success and acclaim even before the smash hit of GTAIII back in 2001. Every title since then has utilized and expanded upon that winning formula. At the same time, Rockstar has always made cultural references to the real world and left nods to previous titles in each game for die-hard fans to find and enjoy. The release of Grand Theft Auto V and it’s online counterpart has been no different, but Rockstar has basically reinvented their “secret recipe” this time around. The game which has essentially become two games has fans hooked like never before and with new DLC coming out on a semi-consistent basis, the dust never has time to settle. For the holidays, we were treated to a San Andreas winter wonderland and now, for Valentine’s Day, fans can expect another “box of chocolates.”   When you start up GTA V on Friday, February 14, the game will download an update bringing you The Valentine’s Day Massacre Special. This free DLC will provide players of both the story mode and online mode one new weapon, one new vehicle, new clothes and a set of ten new jobs. From the images, the Gusenberg Sweeper looks similar to the tommy gun made famous in gangster movies of old. The clothing added will also in part be inspired by that era. Sexy underwear will also be available to the more “adventurous” players. The job set includes new deathmatches, a new parachute jump and new races. Come Friday, there will be plenty of reason to paint San Andreas red all over again. Best of all, unlike the winter expansion, all of the content added on Friday will remain available to players after the event is over.

The following is the opinion of Slick and Slick alone; it is not necessarily shared by any other members of My Take Radio. Valentine’s Day DLC is great; I actually expected it to happen when the holiday pack came out. I am especially happy that this stuff will not be taken away. I do miss my Snowman Slick getup. I am not impressed by the clothing as you frequently see players dressed as 1920s gangsters now. The flapper stuff for ladies is cool though. While it would definitely be disturbing, I would have liked a cupid outfit or maybe a mod that lets you glide on wings instead of the parachute. But here is the cause for the mad face. Why is it that Rockstar is ignoring us? I get it that online heists are not ready, but you don’t even tell us that. You throw this piecemeal DLC at us to placate the masses. And why the hell are you not fixing the story mode. You don’t have to worry about getting eaten by sharks anymore because THE HIDDEN PACKAGES ARE STILL MISSING! Wanna get all the trophies? GOOD LUCK, The “All’s Fare” trophy is glitched and the “Solid Gold, Baby” trophy requires you to disconnect your console from the internet before starting the game if you want to get it. Need quick cash? Don’t look for an armored truck to jack because they barely appear anymore and neither does the one surefire way to get some nice cash, the weed farm. All missing or glitched to the point where players just don’t want to play. And Rockstar is silent. I am not even touching on all the online mode glitches because I could write a whole article on that. No answers, no apologies, no nothing. I hate to sound unappreciative because I am looking forward to Friday, but if it meant fixing the damn game, you could keep your DLC.