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Slick’s Hits: Styx: Master of Shadows

Styx is coming closer and closer to starring in his own adventure, sans Arkail the Orc. Master of Shadows takes place long before 2011’s Of Orcs and Men and Styx has no muscle to fall back on in this adventure. Regardless, Styx will reach the World Tree and getting him there means players are going to have a lot of nasty fun with Styx’ enemies.

The last time we checked in on Styx, we saw the array of abilities that drinking the Amber provides him with. We also saw how disposing of bodies can make it easier for him to move about the Tower of Akenash without being hunted. In this new video, it becomes abundantly clear that hiding bodies will not always be possible. Styx will not necessarily be without places to hide a corpse so much as having a lack of “privacy.” Crafty players will have no issue with this intended hindrance as making use of a combination of Styx’ agility, diminutive size and offensive and defensive abilities will allow you to “run and gun,” so to speak. If I had to describe Styx to someone bereft of internet, I would say that he moves with the ease of Spider-Man in Shattered Dimensions, has the stealth capability of Batman in the Arkham games and the assassination skill of Altaïr from the first Assassin’s Creed. With a recipe like that, I for one cannot wait for October to get here. Hopefully this is one goblin we will not have to wait until Halloween to see.