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Slick’s Quick Hits: Grand Theft Auto V Online – Capture Update

Rockstar continues to rock as players will be treated to yet more modes of play and new jobs starting tomorrow, December 18, 2013. When you next load Grand Theft Auto V, there will be an automatic update (unless you have your machine set to do it), the latest version of the game will download and your online experience will continue to grow. The update has been dubbed “Capture,”  and it will add twenty new jobs across four new modes of play. These new modes add the Grand Theft Auto V flavor to traditional deathmatch modes. In “Raid,” you do just that – raid an enemy base, steal a package and return it to yours. “Hold” tasks your team with collecting as many packages as possible and protecting them from the enemy. “GTA” has teams trying to steal more of the required vehicles than their opponents and “Contend” pits teams against each other in a race to collect a single package and return it to their base.

If you have yet to sample the Grand Theft Auto V Online experience, I guarantee that you are missing out. Your rank does matter, but don’t think it makes you safe, or invincible. New players can and will take out vets so do not be afraid to hop on, download this new content and spread the carnage!

For full details on the update, go to Rockstar's news website.