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Slick’s Quick Hits: Grand Theft Auto V

Fresh out of the Sony e3 conference, Rockstar has provided us with nine new screens from Grand Theft Auto V. Going back to the partnership that first made this franchise truly explode with Grand Theft Auto III, Rockstar is giving a lot of exclusive content to the PlayStation 3 this fall, starting with the GTAV PS3 bundle where the included console will have a special Grand Theft Auto design. Not sure how well that console will do that close to the launch of the PS4, but it will surely become a collector’s item.

As you can see from the images, the next installment of the game that officially made the sandbox a place for “big kids” is going to be spectacular. And remember that just four short years ago, Grand Theft Auto IV was released for the same consoles. That game does not hold a candle to GTA V graphically. Hopefully the new title will be that much better in terms of gameplay as well. Who am I kidding, Rockstar needs no help in the stepping up your game department.


If I had not seen gameplay in action, I don’t think I would believe that this was footage from player-controlled moments in the game. We all know that both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox are capable of some pretty sharp graphics, but visuals like these are usually only seen from first party titles like Uncharted or Gears.

While it seems from info on the site that my dream of three complete playthroughs is shattered, I have no doubt that playing as these three characters and switching from one to the other throughout the game will be the biggest Grand Theft Auto experience to date. Rockstar is really playing with  my emotions right now. Invent a damn time machine to take me to 9/17/13 already!

Having seen everything from the above biplane to a blimp to jet fighters, one can only hope that flying machines are more than just an add-on as they were in the Grand Theft Auto installments for Vice City and San Andreas. Then again, just looking at what is below in the above shot, I cannot wait to explore the entire game world in cars and on foot as well!

You had best believe that yours truly is going to provide the My Take Radio YouTube page with some serious car chase action. cop evasion and insane driving has been my specialty since the good ol' days of the Staunton Island bridge. Hell, if I can, I will jump a car into a plane in flight. Automotive Mega Shark attack!

This picture, oddly enough has me anxiously awaiting one thing: the set list for the soundtrack. Nothing yet has topped the Vice City soundtrack and I am hoping that GTA V will take its predecessor’s title. A game that looks this good better have a monstrous soundtrack for those times you either want to chill, just finished losing the heat or when you are deep in the shit and you just gotta drive for your life. Rockstar, don’t fail me now, baby!

Swimming is not new to Grand Theft Auto, but it is extremely inconsistent. One game you can; one game you cannot and with what looks like actual underwater missions has me excited (and afraid) to go back in the water. Earlier pictures showed a shark, which has had me wondering if the game will finally have animal interactions. Now that I say that, Rockstar probably has chosen to not have to deal with groups like PETA, so expect that animals probably will be there just for show.

Everybody’s doing it! For get Ski-Doo, does this shot mean that there will be unique water stunts? All of this speculation has my head spinning; I need to take my meds. What that means is that I am gonna go crank up some GTA and start causing destruction. See you online in September!

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