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10 Second Ninja X Wants You to Slash the Price

10 Second Ninja X will launch on July 19th but you can get a taste of fast-paced ninja action today! Not only have Four Circle Interactive and Curve Digital released a demo on Steam, they have challenged us to save money! The MSRP of 10 Second Ninja X is $9.99 but the devs are letting us earn up to 40% off!

Head over to Steam and download the Prepare to Buy Edition or go directly to the game's website to play the in-browser version of the game. The latter of those links will also track the progress of the challenge across the community. If 50,000 stars are earned overall, the game's price will officially be lowered by 40%, making it $5.99 across all platforms. Each star brings the price down incrementally. From now until 7PM (EDT) on July 18th, make every star count!

10 Second Ninja X comes to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Xbox One on July 19, 2016.