M. Night Shyamalan brings us a fresh does of science fiction storytelling with Will and Jaden Smith. After Earth has excellent visuals and hopefully can redeem Shyamalan since his last few films have not been that great. Will Smith is always solid in every sci-fi film he’s done and I know that his natural chemistry with his son Jaden will make for a more believable story.  Are you guys looking forward to After Earth?

  • 1st Impression: Oblivion (mytakeradio.com)
  • 1st Impression: The Lone Ranger [ Feature Trailer] (mytakeradio.com)
  • 1st Impression: Star Trek Into Darkness [Teaser Trailer] (mytakeradio.com)


  1. I skipped that one lol. Glad I did it seems. It never got my attention for me it was definitely Airbender, Lady In The Water and The Happening that fucked me up lol. I never hated the guy because he has a good imagination. Some shit just doesn’t work

  2. Airbender started the hate train for that poor dude. That wasn’t a genre I’d expect him to do. Seemed out of his element

  3. Tony I get what you are saying regarding horror flicks trust me I gloss over some real shit ones sometimes. Unbreakable is a classic as is the 6th Sense but he started getting really weird over the last few years with his flicks/

  4. I like his movies. The first three far more than the others. But yea, i even dug The Happening. It was a little goofy plotwise but we forgive “horror” movies for their goofy plots all the time… Unless they’re directed by M Night.

  5. Unbreakable was one of his best but these were shit
    The Happening
    Lady in the Water
    The Village

  6. Looks really good and I find it hilarious they have left M.Night’s name off of it as that used to be such a marketing tool