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1st Impression: Bad Teacher-Red Band Trailer

The humor in this trailer is only to be appreciated in Red Band. Cameron Diaz breaks her typical shtick of quirky girls next door with her portrayal of a loud mouth,pot smoking,profane and really shitty teacher who sets her sights on finding a man to take care of her. In this case the man in question is played by Justin Timberlake which I honestly thought was going to suck but in viewing the trailer I find his dullard of a character to be amusing. Jason Segel is in this movie as well portraying a gym teacher who is trying to get a date with Cameron Diaz and delivers in typical Jason Segel fashion which for some is utterly funny. Segel to me is funny but it really is dependent on the source material. Overall Bad Teacher looks amusing in Bad Santa sort of way.


What do you guys think?

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