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1st Impression: Batwoman (CW First Look Trailer)

Batwoman was announced as the latest addition to the CW “Arrowverse” series of shows and now we have the first trailer showing Batwoman in action.

Cast: Ruby Rose (Kate Kane/Batwoman), Dougray Scott (Colonel Jacob Kane), Rachel Skarsten (Alice), Camrus Johnson (Luke Fox), Elizabeth Anweis (Catherine Hamilton-Kane)
Release Date:
Fall 2019

Plot Synopsis: Kate Kane takes up the mantle of the bat to protect Gotham City during Bruce Wayne's absence.

1st Impression:
When it was announced that Ruby Rose would be bringing Batwoman to life I was intrigued at the concept but was unsure if Rose was capable of carrying an entire show. While Batwoman's appearance in the Elseworlds crossover showed potential it certainly exposed Ruby Rose's inability to be a compelling lead as Kate Kane but she did a solid job a Batwoman even having some great chemistry with Supergirl.

I have wondered since if it might have been better for Batwoman to be a miniseries and not a full-fledged show given the finite amount of Batman villains you can recycle for the series but this trailer shows that the CW is invested in creating a rogues gallery for Batwoman beyond leveraging the Dark Knight's villain catalog.

It is a smart move using Batwoman as a lead-in for Supergirl and I think some World's Finest-style crossovers should help Ruby Rose find her footing with the character. We'll see how it plays out this fall.

What do you think of Ruby Rose as Batwoman and will you be checking out the series this fall. Let us know in the comments.