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1st Impression: Friends With Benefits: Red Band Trailer

So Justin Timberlake is slowly meandering his way through Hollywood as a leading man which I normally would shit on immediately ,but for some reason it doesn’t bug me. Maybe it’s because he is doing movies where he is not the lead, but a secondary character who while essential to the story is not the focal point.  Whatever the case may be he is appearing in the right films and slowly building his acting credits. Many have said that his work in Social Network was great and solidified him as a player in Hollywood. His newest flick Friends With Benefits looks to be his coming out party as a leading man. We have all had a friend with benefits at some point in our lives and most times it really is cumbersome and leads to a lot of awkward moments. Based on the trailer it looks like a solid comedy with some great guest appearances and nice awkward scenes to put a smile on guys and girls faces alike.I will never look at 3rd Eye Blind the same way again lol. Do you guys think Timberlake has the chops to carry this flick?