Ghost Rider much like the Punisher would benefit more from an R-rated interpretation then the PG-13 they try to push. Nicolas Cage seems to have taken a liking to the character which is good and bad.  I say good only on the strength of bring Ghost Rider to the silver screen but bad because he really seems out of place in the role. Marvel could have continued the story with the Danny Ketch Ghost Rider and still delivered a solid product. I do admit the story seems a bit more fluid and the action sequences are also more impressive but I feel that won’t be enough. Do you guys think this film has a shot?

[Source: Trailer Addict]


  1. Daredevil the directors cut made the movie far more enjoyable. If you haven’t checked it out I recommend you give it a rental. Fleshes out the story better in my opinion and kept a darker tone.

  2. Totally agreed, I thought for sure this Ghost Rider would be Rated R. Its the way they made it seem leading up to it. I still have faith. P.S. I also liked Daredevil lol

  3. I have a love/hate relationship with the first one much like I do with Daredevil. I feel these darker characters need a more mature treatment.

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