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1st Impression: Hercules: The Legend Begins

The latest trailer for Hercules: The Legend Begins unfortunately does nothing to make this film worth seeing. While it is easy to say that the Hercules film with The Rock looks better from a style standpoint we still need to see a trailer as well as both films to make a true assessment.

Renny Harlin‘s interpretation of Hercules borrows elements from 300 and  from Starz Spartacus series.  The Spartacus inspiration is more apparent when you see the wardrobe used for Hercules. The addition of former Spartacus lead Liam McIntyre doesn't help the cause either but I admit I am happy to see that actor in gaining ground with feature films.

The success of this film hinges on Lutz ability to be a credible lead and this trailer sadly does not validate that. We'll see if I am proven wrong come March 2014.

Source: Trailer Addict via Yahoo Movies