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1st Impression: Iron Man 3

Marvel got the Iron Man hype train rolling with their arc reactor Facebook campaign, which gave viewers a preview of the trailer before the full version was released. I have to commend Marvel for executing a solid Facebook campaign which not only succeeded in generating a buzz, but got Iron Man back out amongst the fans without hurting The Avengers home release. The trailer moved away from the typical Tony Stark snark and gave us a picture of Iron Man’s world crumbling around him as well a glimpse into the various threats that he will have to face in the third installment. The big reveal, which was  Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin, eased some initial fears I had about the look of the character. Many people were concerned about the stereotypical Fu Manchu look that we know the Mandarin had. Kingsley adds some star power to the character and some classically-honed villainy which Kingsley is known to deliver in spades. May 3, 2013 will be here fast and I know this won’t be the last trailer we see. I am pumped to see the next phase of the Marvel film universe coming together. Are you?

Credit: Trailer Addict