So now that Robert De Niro has become a shadow of his former self it really was inevitable that we would have to endure another stupid Fockers movie.Obviously by the title you can see that Greg & Pam Focker are now parents and of course De Niro and his wife come to visit and hilarity ensues.

I sincerely hope this is the last we see of this franchise. What the f **k happened to Stiller and De Niro for that matter! Stiller used to be at least moderately amusing and De Niro is a legend yet in this franchise they strive to shit on their legacies. Enjoy the trailer at your own risk.


    • First off thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on the post. I would assume that by your tone you are a first time visitor to the site and I such I would like to take a moment and explain my opinion on this article. The column is called 1st Impression because it represents my 1st impression on a certain item. Most of our 1st impression articles are about trailers for upcoming films. This article was written based on the trailer for the Little Fockers which after viewing I found to honestly suck. I have seen the first film and find the franchise generally unfunny. I am sure others will agree or disagree with my opinions but the name says it all “My” Take Radio and as such the views reflected on the site are mine as well as the MTR staff’s opinions. I do appreciate your commentary though but I feel that you are misinformed on what the site is about. By all means if I am wrong let me know.

  1. Looks like the same kind of humor from the first two movies. Doesn’t look like they ruined the series much. I might see this on DVD.