I remember a time when I thought Joseph Gordon-Levitt was a terrible actor. All it takes is a few memorable performances to make him a pretty solid actor in my book.  He’s had a string of great roles that have given him an awesome resume. Does the premise of this film have enough substance to keep an audience interested? I felt the same way about Inception and many consider that film to be stellar. I am also curious about what happens if your future self kills your present self. It’s a long five months to have those questions answered. Does Levitt have the tools to carry a major box office film on his own? Sound off in the comments


Source: Trailer Addict

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  1. This movie looks stupid. If his future self was ready, that means that somehow his present self succeeded in killing him (or making people think he did). Inception was overhyped and this flick looks like it will go the same road.

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