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1st Impression: Machete Kills [Red Band Trailer]

The teaser for Machete Kills had its fair share of WTF! moments but the red band trailer takes WTF! moments and cranks them to 1000.  Machete Kills is loaded with copious amounts of swearing and bloodshed which makes up for its laughable plot which lets be honest is not what you care about anyway. Mel Gibson seems primed to steal the spotlight in this film and honestly I think he needs the chance to get back on moviegoers radar after his meltdown and subsequent Beaver movie ( The Beaver for those inclined to torture themselves) . Machete Kills much like the first Machete film are mindless escapes littered with funny,cringeworthy and at times badass moments which are beyond far fetched but make for a memorable outing most times. I can't wait till October to see this!

Source: Trailer Addict