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1st Impression: Man of Steel

Man of Steel’s teaser trailer succeeded in getting my attention and making me believe that it has the potential to erase the memory of Superman Returns. This new trailer gives viewers a glimpse into Clark Kent’s upbringing and the constant struggle to keep his powers a secret. I know some have already complained about the trailer focusing too much on Clark and less on Superman but I like the fact that we get to see Superman’s struggle to be normal and fit in which was something I enjoyed in DC’s new 52 interpretation of the character. The big reveal of course was Michael Shannon as General Zod. I hope we see the same intensity Shannon exhibited as Van Alden on Boardwalk Empire applied to General Zod because it will succeed in bring the character to audiences as something fresh and not an imitation of Terrence  Stamp’s portrayal of General Zod.

Source: Trailer Addict

What do you guy think of Scott Snyder’s vision? Do you think it will surpass Nolan’s Batman?