EA finally figured out that sometime the most successful games are the ones with the simplest premise.


Crooks –Check

High Speed Chases-Hell Yea

I still play Hot Pursuit 2 from the PS2 days and with the Criterion Games crew behind this game, I am sure it’ll be a winner. Check out the trailer and game play footage


  1. I did not read the text in the article first. I just went for the pretty pictures. The whole time I was thinking “yawn, another NFSHP? Burnout did this shit better years ago.”

    It’s funny when the part of a trailer that gets you excited is the developer and not the actual trailer.

    With Criterion behind the wheel, it will definitely be beautiful and I will want to see more. The thing is, unless they have Burnout 6 up their sleeves somewhere, are they really gonna make this the next must-have arcade racer?

  2. Okay, they didn’t really show enough in the gameplay. I’ve done a lot of nudging people in races before… I understand cops can deploy spike strips and road blocks… What else can they do? What can the racers do to counter that? We’ll have to wait and see.

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