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1st Impression: Nymphomaniac [Red Band Trailer]

Lar Von Trier's Nymphomanic has been generating quite a buzz due to its subject matter and its well rounded cast. The red band trailer decides to not focus so much on the cast but on some gratuitous sex and some well placed nudity which when accompanied by some Rammstein is never a bad thing. You can throw some Rammstein into a Bambi trailer and it'll still make you want to punch someone  in the face.

Here are the “O” face style posters for Nymphomaniac which I am sure some of you will appreciate.

Source: Trailer Addict

While I did acknowledge the red band nature of this trailer in the title I cannot stress enough how not safe for work this trailer is so don't do something dumb like watch it at your desk with the volume turned all the way up.

Source: Trailer Addict