When I was a kid I saw a terrible science fiction film called Robot Jox. Over the years the more I saw it the more I thought it would look better with todays special effects. When I started reading about Pacific Rim I was pumped to hear we’d some giant robots fighting monsters. This trailer deliver that right from the start . Guillermo Del Toro looks to have another winner on his hands. As a kaiju fan its cool to see the giant monster genre getting some love from Hollywood especially after subpar efforts like Godzilla with Matthew Broderick and Cloverfield. Who’s pumped for this besides me?

Source: Trailer Addict


  1. The only issue for me might be if they take themselves too seriously. I love movies like this and love the old Godzilla movies for their quirkiness. I’m just afraid they might try too hard and end up like another “Battleship”.