When I got word that we would be getting a fourth Paranormal Activity film I cringed.These films while cheap to make have progressively lost a step. It is sad to see that the reliance on cheap scares has not waned. I hope this is the last we see of the found footage horror genre. The faster these break even the more likely we are to keep seeing them and at this point the films have lost their appeal.  I am sure I will see it but it definitely won’t be for $12 at the theater.


  1. yea true, i think they just tryna fill in the gaps but they shouldnt be making anymore of these, it was a good scare while it lasted but dont kill ur fan base by showering paranormal activities every year, but im a pussy so 1,2 and 3 were scary as balls to me , im not the guy that laughs when someone sddenly gets dragged down a hallway by some demon (PA1)

  2. to me its just the story, the ofscreen shit that happens, you can leave the room and u hear screams and roars and you just dont know what the fuck happened, its the suspense that builds up, thats why its so successful, any of other horror movie doesnt really scare because its a phantom camera following the story, in Paranormal activity its all POV, besides we all get scared when things go bump in the night and doors slam shut

  3. All you say is true bottom line, but Hollywood likes to keep churning out the same product even past it’s prime. That being said, I rather see this then some of the other played out ideas is my stance. Also I would like to commend you Rich, because https://www.mytakeradio.com is the only site I need to check out, to be on top of my upcoming movie releases for.

  4. See but its a genre you enjoy. As a horror buff I feel they rely on cheap scares and paper thin storytelling. A third and even a fourth were not needed. Even Saw pushed the envelope even more than it should have.

  5. I love em Rich lol, rather see these then anymore Saw movies. Also I am a found footage junkie. Yet I’ve never enjoyed america’s home videos lol