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1st Impression: Reign of the Supermen

We kick off the week with a new official trailer for Bumblebee.

Directors Sam Liu | Writers: James Krieg, Tim Sheridan
Cast: Nathan Fillion (Hal Jordan/Green Lantern-Voice), Cameron Monaghan (Superboy-Voice), Rebecca Romijn (Lois Lane-Voice), Rainn Wilson (Lex Luthor-Voice), Jerry O'Connell (Clark Kent/Superman/Cyborg Superman-Voice), Patrick Fabian (Hank Henshaw-Voice), Cress Williams (John Henry Irons/Steel-Voice)
Release Date: 

Plot Synopsis: Sequel to the 2018 Death of Superman animated film.

1st Impression:
  DC & Warner Brothers have truly succeeded in creating a cohesive animated film universe that not only maintains continuity but also strives to be as close to the source material as possible something the live-action DC films can learn from. While the death of Superman was previously brought to life in Superman: Doomsday animated film the 2018 interpretation brought the story into the current animated continuity. While I liked the original Death of Superman I like the more unified style of the current animated stories and creating an animated film based on the Reign of the Supermen arc was truly a no-brainer especially since it is the most logical follow-up to the 2018 Death of Superman film.

I am truly looking forward to seeing Steel, Cyborg Superman, Superboy and the Eradicator mixing it up with the Justice League. While departures from the source material will be a given the substitutions and tweaks DC makes to these animated features never detracts from the enjoyment of the films. I can't wait to check out this film when it's released next year.

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