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1st Impression: Ridge Racer: Unbound

Whenever I hear Ridge Racer mentioned two things come to mind. One is a the white Tekken angel car and the other is the Galaga loading screen. Ridge Racer is a title that will always have a legacy with Playstation since it was one of the first next gen racing titles at a time when we were transitioning towards the new generation of racers. Ridge Racer: Unbound is a new entry into series that seems less like the Ridge Race we know and love and more like Burnout and NFS which isn’t terrible but shows that the level creativity in the racing genre is stagnant. According to Namco Bandai’s product manager Kevin Chadine  Ridge Racer will no longer be a stand alone title but an umbrella that with various sub genres of Ridge Racer games.  In reading that statement I feel that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery since it is obvious they are emulating NFS.  Do we really need another Burnout lite or another NFS clone? Check out the trailer and decide for yourselves.


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