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1st Impression: Rubber

rubber 2

So we get a movie about a sentinent tire that kill people. Sadly I have been aware of this movie for a long time. When MTR was preparing for the NY Comic Con we had the chance to attend a meet and greet where for some reason we were given condoms. As we sat there shocked at to why we would be given condoms for an event held at Dave & Busters. Our fear of a possible smelly nerd orgy was dispeled when we looked at the packaging and saw it was a promo piece for this film. The slogan was something regarding Rubber which was a cute play on words. Let’s back to the plot shall we? Tire comes to life and kills people and mayhem ensues. You got to see it for yourselves to appreciate the weirdness and insanity of this flick.  Asking for comments is silly since I know you guys will have much to say.

Poster & Trailer Credit: Traileraddict.com
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