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1st Impression: Splatterhouse Returns

Splatterhouse was one of the most enjoyable arcade and turbografix16 titles that I enjoyed while growing up.Quarter after quarter and visiting a buddy that had turbografix 16 made me play it to no end. I always liked the Jason from Friday the 13th vibe from the main character Rick. As I got older and got better consoles and learned about gaming I got to play the 2nd and 3rd installments which while good didn't capture the essence of the 1st one. Fast forward to a year or two ago that Splatterhouse 1 appeared on the wii virtual console of all places. Needless to say it was purchased and played with just as much enjoyment as when I was younger. After awhile like every other retro game you wonder if you will ever see it again or if the sequels will appear on some next-gen console.Well that day is finally here!! This fall Rick & The Terror mask return with next-gen graphics, more blood and more guts. Welcome back Splatterhouse !!!!

Trailer Credit:Joystiq

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