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1st Impression: The Walking Dead [PSN/XBL/PC/MAC]

It was only a matter of time before The Walking Dead popped up on consoles. Now before you all get amped up thinking you’ll be shooting zombies as Rick Grimes, I got news for you. You will be playing as Lee Everett. Lee is a convicted murderer who is looking for redemption in a world where the dead walk and the living aren’t exactly friendly either. Players will meet familiar characters and visit locations from the world created by Robert Kirkman, foreshadowing the story of Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead comics. The first episode will sell for 400 Microsoft® Points on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, $4.99 on PlayStation Network and on PC and Mac as a season pass covering all five episodes for $24.99 from the Telltale Online Store and Steam. Mobile gamers will be able to get in on the action this summer as Telltale will be releasing a version for iOS devices.  For more information on the game, visit the official website, Facebook and follow Telltale games on Twitter. For more information on The Walking Dead comic books, visit www.skybound.com.

Here are some screenshots of what you can expect to see as well as a trailer for the game.




  • The Walking Dead: Episode 1 moseys onto XBLA this Friday(joystiq.com)