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1st Impression: Triple Threat (Official Trailer)

Director: Jesse V. JohnsonWriters: Joey O'Bryan, Paul Staheli
Cast: Michael Jai White (Devereaux), Tiger Hu Chen (Long Fei), Scott Adkins (Collins), Celina Jade (Xian), Tony Jaa (Payu), Iko Uwais (Jaka), Michael Bisping (Joey), JeeJa Yanin (Mook)
Release Date: 
March 22, 2019

Plot Synopsis: A hit contract is taken out on a billionaires daughter intent on bringing down a major crime syndicate. A down and out team of mercenaries must take on a group of professional assassins and stop them before they kill their target.-via IMDB

1st Impression:
 I had the pleasure of interview Triple Threat director Jesse V. Johnson during the My Take Radio days when he released an amazing Wonder Woman fan film. I was blown away by the work Jesse did on the fan film and I am excited to see him work with some of the best on-screen martial artists in the game. Michael Jai White and Scott Adkins have incredible chemistry and seeing them alongside Jaa and Uwais will surely lead to some spectacular fights. Triple Threat will see a brief theater release before heading to DVD, Blu-ray so if you want to see some of these awesome martial artists on the big screen check your local theaters for showings on March 19th.