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1st Impression: Venom (Official Trailer 2)

Enjoy the official trailer for Sony's Venom.

Director: Ruben Fleischer Writer: Kelly Marcel
Cast: Tom Hardy (Eddie Brock/Venom), Michelle Williams (Anne Weying), Riz Ahmed (Dr. Carlton Drake), Woody Harrelson, Jenny Slate, Reid Scott, Michelle Lee, Sailor Larocque
Release Date: 
October 5, 2018

Plot Synopsis: No official plot synopsis available yet. The film will focus on how Eddie Brock acquires the Venom symbiote and is based on the Lethal Protector Venom series. 

1st Impression:
  The second trailer for Venom is here! If you missed the first trailer you can check that one out here. While we get a lot of fan service in this trailer and a more comic book accurate incarnation of the character I cannot get past the fact that he does not have the spider symbol on his suit. The weird veins just don't look right. I've heard rumors he may add the symbol in the end but I doubt it. Aside from the lack of symbol, we do get more symbiotes and we see Riot who is one of the many symbiotes Venom has fought in the books. It also appears that Riot will not be the only symbiote in play as previous trailers showed other possible symbiotes which may include Scream and of course the strong rumor of a Carnage teaser at some point.

The visceral nature of Venom has fully been embraced as has the lethal protector moniker which you'll see towards the end of the trailer. I remain cautiously optimistic that it'll be good.

Did this new trailer make you more or less excited for the film? Let's hear it.