Dear Kevin James,

I know for a fact that you are a talented and funny guy but must you release these terrible comedies. I know it’s a paycheck and kids love them but we all know you are better than this crap. Please take your agent and shove his face into an ant hill for convincing you to do these shitty movies. Worst part is you drag Joe Rogan and Ken Jeong into shit with you. There’s got to still be some of that great comedy from King of Queens in there somewhere. Please use it and quit churning out these duds.


My Take Radio


Check out the trailer for Zoo Keeper aka Paul Blart: Zoo Cop and see this steaming pile of mediocrity for yourselves.




  1. You said it best. He really is way better than this shit. His standup comedy is hilarious too. It’s a shame what happens to lots of good talent out there. Seems like now-and-days good talent is wasting themselves on shitty easy-cash opportunities earlier and earlier in their careers, essentially ruining themselves before they can really go all out.