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1st Impression:Bulletstorm

When Gears Of War 3 was announced a few weeks back it was no shocker since it was alreadly all over the web. Shortly after that announcement we started hearing rumblings of a new game from Epic Games called Bulletstorm. Cliff Bleszinski aka guy that blew off MTR  has described this game as the “Burnout” of FPS with a dose of Duke Nukem as well. The FPS genre has been pretty cut and dry for years and the concept of Bulletstorm looks unique enough to warrant a shot. My personal opinion for Cliff aside , I think it will be interesting to see if this concept takes off. Trailer is nice and action packed and Cliffy is still a tool. Enjoy!

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  1. Yawn. Like J said, too much attention on the kill. Reminds me of that retarded XBox game Total Overdose where you had to keep getting “spicy moves” and crap like that. All kill, no substance.

  2. Honestly, I’m not feeling it right now. It looks to be one of those mindless “create-a-kill” games where your more into find new and creative ways to kill the enemy then care about the over story. If your into that sorta thing, there’s nothing wrong with that. Killing everything in sight and having fun doing it is all good but I’m afraid this game will sacrifice the other aspects of gaming itself for it. I’ll wait to see more info on it and make a clear cut judgment then…..Oh yea, fuck Cliffy b too.

  3. Fuck CliffyB. He’s not even the one behind the game. He doesn’t own Epic Games. Epic provided the engine for the game. People Can Fly are the ones responsible for this. I’m anticipating this game for 2 reasons: 1) People Can Fly hasn’t disappointed me yet, as all of the Painkiller games/expansions were good products, and 2) The game just seems like it’s going to be a damn good package. I’m considering putting it on preorder already. Lately I have been waiting till a month before a game releases to preorder in order to allow for more research time. This one, from this video and all I’ve read on it, seems like a done deal for me.

    Fuck you, CliffyB. I love you, PCF.

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