Call Of Duty has gone from WW2 into Modern Warfare, and the trend of staying in this era continues with Activision & Treyarch’s newest entry to the franchise. But after making a billion dollars with Modern Warfare, are fans ready to embrace another Call Of Duty title? Are they dipping in the well once too often? Black Ops invades PS3, XBOX 360, PC and the Wii on 11.9.10. Will you be picking this up?


  1. Modern Warfare is genuinely a fun game, coming from a guy who isn’t an FPS fanboy, but it is going the madden route, fresh coat of paint, same shit underneath.
    Infinity ward will pick up the slack and make their new killer app soon, and it will probably be the same anyway, haha.
    Spend your cash on Borderlands.

  2. CoD’10, CoD’11, CoD’12. Same thing every year. The sad thing is kids will buy it regardless. It’ll sell 10 million in a day. They’ll even have a special limited collector’s edition with platinum casing, behind the scene DVD, and a actual Marine that comes with the game (Naval MP5 sub machine gun with costume holographic sight and 2 clips exclusively when you pre-order from Gamestop) that’ll make a kid’s parents take a 2nd mortgage out on the house to buy but they’ll do it. I see Treyarch is taking the helm on this one. Why not Infinity Ward? Oh yeah, the only people they got working there now are the night janitors. Whatever. CoD will never die because the sheep will shell out the money to buy a recycled version of the last game and Bobby Kotick will laugh as he wipes his ass with their money.

  3. Too soon, They just released call of duty MW2 this past holiday Season, plus a huge download map pack a few weeks ago.
    MW2 is still being played and enjoyed as if it were new, they could ahve held this back another year at least.
    Milking that cow until it becomes Madden….

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