I was one of the many sheep that purchased DJ Hero and I enjoyed the great music and infectious gameplay. After seeing this new trailer I feel that the publisher is just looking for new ways to milk the franchise. Why not release new music and keep it simple. In DJ Hero 2 you will be able to use two turntables and………… a mic. When did this become Rock Band or Guitar Hero? if the mic is connected to the turntable what happens to those of us that have the original turntables? I really have no issue with sequelitis if it means more great mixes but the shilling of two turntables and a mic does not sit well with me.


  1. When I heard “Two Turn Tables and a Microphone” I thought it’d be a new peripheral with two turntables and one slider for one player to use. Now I find out it’s just 3 players, one turn table each and one mic… This is disappointing. I’d have much preferred two turn tables on one controller.

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