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1st Impression:Green Hornet

My first memory of the Green Hornet was when I used to watch the old 1966 Batman show on channel 9 on Sundays. What made the character cool wasn’t so much the Green Hornet character but Kato who at the time was played by the legendary Bruce Lee.I never considered Green Hornet or Kato as stand alone heroes simply because they played second fiddle to Batman. As I grew up I learned a bit more about the characters and realized the Green Hornet had an origin similar to Batman and wasn’t a complete cornball.

In an age of remakes I usually expect the utter worst. After watching this trailer I get the vibe of Pineapple Express with costumes. Seth Rogen lost a ton of weight and looks credible as the lead but it seems that his character is an after thought and Kato is the one taking center stage. I found what I saw amusing but I am not sure this character will translate well to the big screen treatment.

What do you guys think

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