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1st Impression:Playstation Move

Earlier today I made a trip to Roosevelt Field in Westbury, NY to research some Sony cameras for the NY Comic Con and tucked in the corner what did I spy but a nice demo station for the soon to be released Playstation Move peripheral. The in store setup used two wand controllers,Eye camera and the bundled in Sports Champion game.

Upon selecting a game in the Sports Champion catalog you are taken to a  calibration screen that adjusts to your movement using the Eye camera and some gestures. Once calibrated it takes you select your character and commence gameplay. I got to play the archery and gladiator duel games and must admit that the controls were responsive and highly sensitive to my individual movements. With the archery game you can use one or two wands to enhance the gameplay a bit further. The graphics in the games were crisp and detailed as well.

Now while I did find the overall experience fun I have to be honest in saying that is practically a Wii clone. With the Eye camera acting as your sensor bar and the Move motion controller as a wiimote the similarities are evident right down to the trigger underneath the Move controller. There is also a secondary controller similar to the nunchuck as well and Sports Champion is clearly a take on Wii Sports/Sports Resort.  The only differences obviously are graphics. The Playstation Move is a clear example of imitation being the sincerest form of flattery. While polished and well executed the true test will be if people are willing to pay $100 for the experience. I would honestly call the Move the HD Wii. I look forward to seeing the technology implemented on more “hardcore” titles. I am sure this will be a hit for parties and for the casual set if the PS3 is in a one console household.

Here are some of the titles that require the Move

And here are some titles that will be Move Compatible

Will you be picking up the Move come release time or will you wait for better titles?