So after much hype and fanfare, the newest Scott Pilgrim vs. The World trailer was released to the masses on Facebook. I’ll be honest and say that I really don’t like Michael Cera . I am not a fan of his work simply because to me, he is like Vince Vaughn – an actor who always plays the same guy in all of his films. In this particular movie, Cera plays the nerdy kid who is trying to get a date with “hot chick” lead. (Stop me if you’ve heard this before.)  Time’s up – guess you have but are still interested. The catch in this movie is that the “hot chick” has “Seven Evil Ex-Boyfriends” whom Scott must defeat. A unique concept (but not really since it’s based off of a comic book) but unique by Hollywood standards. It seems that Kick-Ass has opened the door for these weird and crazy stories to make it to the silver screen, which can’t be all bad….right?


  1. Looks fantastic.
    Anyone who likes either or all of the following will dig this shit:
    Video games

    This flick/comic drops more references than any fan can handle.

  2. Though I to hate Cera’s role in films, this movie looks interesting. Not for his character but just the movie itself.

  3. I hate Michael Cera and Jesse Eisenberg (they’re like the same person!), but it’s everything else in this movie that I really want to see. Reminds me an awful lot of Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny or whatever it’s called.

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