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2015 Toy Fair Gems: The Coop

The Coop logo showcased against a wooden wall.
The Coop logo showcased against a wooden wall.

This year's Toy Fair at the Jacob Javits Convention Center was nothing short of amazing. Walking the floor you could literally find something for kids of all ages. Even with the cooperation of our colleagues at Royal Flush Magazine, there were way more booths than we could cover, but we try to bring you information on things that you would be interested in. One such booth was a company known as “The Coop.” What was interesting and set this company apart from others is that they appealed to the really hardcore fans of certain television shows, video games, etc. For example, if you are a Star Trek fan, you may already have the action figures and the model ships, etc., but what about that inner Trekkie in your pet? The Coop lets you dress your dog up in red shirts from the original series, proving that red shirts do come back from away missions. We all miss the late Leonard Nimoy, but you still may want to give your dog a Klingon chew toy. Why shouldn't our smallest family members get in on the fun?

You know that you wish your dog could stretch like Jake.Adventure Time Dude, Be Calmed By My Saliva Dog Shirt

For furry friends, The Coop carries licensed products from AMC's The Walking Dead, Star Trek, Adventure Time, Elvis, Dickies and Justin Pet. That means you can get a BMO bag that carries LSP-decorated poop bags, a Jake the Dog leash or dress your pup up like Daryl as you go hunting the undead. For fans that walk upright, The Coop has products from The Walking Dead, Star Trek, Halo, Team Fortress 2, Portal 2, Imps & Monsters, WhimWhams and Kitsch on the Rocks. The Coop has a little something for everybody; that is probably why it's so “crowded” in there.

Ladies, now Daryl can be your guardian angel.

The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Green Mini Messenger Bag


For more information on current and future items, please like The Coop Facebook page and follow them on their Instagram. Of course, if you would like to purchase any of their products, please visit The Coop Shop site.

In the zombie apocalypse, you can never have too many guns. . . or pudding.