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2084 is NOW!

The dark world of cyberpunk dystopia awaits as Feardemic releases 2084, its FPS with hacking mechanics, on Steam Early Access. 2084 casts players into a role of Laura Lofi, a junior researcher at Chiron Incorporated, sent on a mission into a horrific post-apocalyptic labyrinth full of deadly hostiles. In order to eliminate her adversaries and, ultimately, escape, Laura must utilise an array of computer hacking commands on the fly while engaging in combat. Expect eerie plot twists and techno-thrills in 2084 with regular updates as it transitions into its commercial launch expected in 2020.

2084 is available on Steam for $10.00 with a 15% discount available at launch! 

What is 2084?

Set 66 years in the future, 2084 makes good on its bleak, cyberpunk vision. The dystopian Fifth Polish Republic is in turmoil after a deadly infection has been unleashed which has left infected citizens delirious and aggressive. With over 85% of the population equipped with cyber body augmentations, humans — infected or otherwise — are more deadly than ever before. Laura must utilize not only her cybernetically enhanced armor but also a gun that can hack electronic devices, all in a bid to survive 2084’s blighted, roaming foes.

Gameplay Thus Far

“2084 features a unique blend of fast-paced first person shooter mechanics mixed with computer hacking abilities to create a truly original play experience,” said Martin Kawa, CEO of Feardemic. “The Early Access version of the game is fully functioning and we have been receiving great feedback from players on both the story mode and on Chiron’s endless training arena mode. In the latter, foes are numerous and ammunition is scarce, forcing players to hone their shooting skills and reaction times to gain an advantage and climb up the leaderboard.”