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2K Games Releases a Demo for Mafia III Today

Mark this under Rich's “WTF Gaming News” category. Nearly six months after the launch of the full game, 2K Games releases a playable demo for Mafia III. I would think this should have come out in mid to late September, but I do not make the decisions for 2K. The demo will allow you  to play through the first act of the game. You will get the basics of the story, get a feel for combat and be able to carry your progress over to the full game should you choose to purchase. You can also save up to 50% off the full purchase from participating digital retailers through April 17th.

For those who choose to buy the game, along with those who already own it, there is something extra for you. Mafia III has launched its first DLC pack. The new chapter in Lincoln Clay's story is titled, “Faster Baby!” A tale of oppression, racism and of course, revenge is now available for download. Check out the trailer and remember that season pass holders can download ‘Faster Baby!‘ for free. Those who want the content but do not have the season pass may obtain it from their respective content stores for $14.99.

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