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31 Days of Anime – Day Two: Read Or Die (R.O.D.)

Read Or Die - cover

Hey guys, I apologize again for rushing to the finish line here. I will try to get on a better schedule this weekend. Today we have another one of my long time favorites and one of the earlier animated films in my collection. Long before the show Hoarders, there was Yomiko Readman. She is not dirty or nasty and you will not find any dead animals in her home, but you might get buried alive in books.

Read Or Die - Yomiko's home
Yomiko Readman's home

Read Or Die is an OVA, not to be confused with the anime series R.O.D. which is in the same universe but has different characters. Yomiko Readman is a substitute teacher that has an intense love of books and reading. She is also known secretly as Agent Paper for her ability to manipulate paper in superhuman ways. This is literally something more to be seen than explained.  The story involves a group called the I-Jin, composed of superhuman clones of historical figures. Some of the most intelligent figures in history have plot to utilize Beethoven's “Death Symphony” as a weapon.

Read Or Die - fights

Yomiko seems like and is a very quiet and simple woman that loves books more than people, but she can get down when it counts. Read Or Die is another one of those difficult to find classics and you need to snatch it up immediately if you see it (reasonably priced). I would even go so far as to say that you should look for it.