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4W Headphone Review: Plantronics Rig 4VR

What is it?

The RIG 4VR is a Gaming headset for PS4 owners who also own the PS VR. You can also use them on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

What does it do?

The RIG 4VR will enhance your gaming experience by providing well-balanced sound coupled with a lightweight and comfortable design. The RIG 4VR includes a microphone so it is chat ready as well.

What's wrong with it?

The cables that attach to the headset needed to be adjusted in order for me to get sound on both ears.

Also, I felt the microphone sat too far from my mouth.

Why do you/don't you need it?

Whether you're playing video games on the PS4 or PSVR, you will want a good pair of headphones to appreciate today's sound design. When you are playing first-person shooters, the game's sound is crucial as it allows you to better hear incoming enemies from multiple directions.

If you prefer a more portable pair of headphones, I would recommend looking elsewhere, as the style of the RIG 4VR is over-the-ear. Because of this, you will need somewhere to store them when you're done using them.

My Take:

I was really impressed by how lightweight the RIG 4VR is. They look beefy, but they are not. The ear cups are extremely comfortable and provide enough noise isolation to block out most noises. Finding a good fit was also really simple to find, and they felt good on my head even while wearing my PS VR.

The material is all plastic, so durability could be a long term issue. I also did not like how the microphone sat far from my mouth. I did try to pull it closer to my mouth, but I was afraid of breaking it.

Bass could be a little heavy while listening to music or watching movies. The bass won't drown out lyrics or dialog, but if you're not into heavy bass, the RIG 4VR might not appeal to you.

With a $69.99 price tag, good sound and a lightweight design, there isn't much I could complain about. I wouldn't walk around the streets while wearing the RIG 4VR, but I do enjoy using them on my console.

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