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4W Product Review: STM Sports Armband (iPhone 6)

What is it?

The STM Sports Armband is made to fit your iPhone 6 or any mobile device up to a 5.1″ screen.

What does it do?

Made of a very thin, lightweight lycra, this band promises a comfortable, stretchy fit for active people that are looking for an armband to fuel their workouts while keeping their device free from moisture and sweat. This armband also boasts a full touch screen window for optimal coverage for your device, safeguarding it from scratches.  There are both top and bottom ports for headphones, allowing you to wear it either direction you'd like. Also, you get a key or card pocket behind your phone for storage. The pattern on the armband is supposed to also provide reflective visibility as well for night use.

What's wrong with it?

My one major gripe about this armband is that my iPhone 6 honestly didn't fit too well in the phone area. I used it outside of my everyday OtterBox case, and there was a decent amount of wiggle room for the phone to move around within the device area, mainly left to right. Dont get me wrong, the style of the band makes sure that the device will not fall out, but the extra room made it a little annoying to touch the screen because the plastic covering was not flush against it. Perhaps it is due to the thin nature of the iPhone 6? Who knows. Maybe try it with your case if you have a slimmer one to eat up the extra space.

Why do you/don't you need it?

With all the armbands on the market for phones, it's really a pick-and-choose game. I liked the feel of the lycra used for this band; and the key/card pocket is very useful. Most armbands are very clunky and annoying to wear for a prolonged period of time. But, the STM Sport Armband was pretty comfy during normal cardio and weight workouts. I did like the choice of headphones on the top or bottom. However, I would have liked a little more stretch in the material. If you have a larger arm, it won't fit that well.

My Take:

With it's $29.95 list price, the STM Sports Armband is pretty comparable to what's on the market. With it's lightweight design and extra features, it should be one to check out. Hopefully your device fits a little better than mine did, unless you don't mind the room.

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