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4W Product Review: TYLT VU Solo Wireless Charger

What is it?

The Tylt VU Solo is a wireless charging station that uses the Qi charging standard.

What does it do?

The VU Solo charges your smartphone wirelessly, thus eliminating the need for additional wires or charges. The charging is handled in conjunction with a wireless charging cover for your mobile device (which for this review is a charging cover for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4). If you are not in the market for a new battery cover for your smartphone then you can pick up the VU-Mate which can be inserted into your existing battery cover.  While there are plenty of third party inserts to allow for wireless charging, I strongly recommend spending the extra $ for the battery cover or at least using Tylt's insert.

What's wrong with it?

The VU Solo generates 1 amp output so do not expect rapid charging on par with your default corded charger. But, if you're at work or going to bed it's really not a big issue. The bright charging indicator is a gift and a curse as it is great to monitor the charging status of your device without turning the screen on, but if you charge your phone in your bedroom you will get a nice Green Lantern style glow which may be a distraction. Choose your bedroom placement carefully. I was shocked to see no plug being included for this device, but it's understandable in keeping it simple and low maintenance. You can use any USB wall adapter if you wish but definitely check out the amperage before going that route. Tylt also makes some USB wall chargers you can check out if you really want to plug the VU Solo in. I was shocked that Tylt did not include the VU-Mate charging receiver with this dock as I feel that would make the purchase a no brainer for many. My wireless charging cover for my Note 4 was $39.99 at the time of purchase and I still needed a wireless charger. The VU Solo is priced at $49.99 also, but you'll still need either a cover or the insert. I'd rather pay an extra $10-$20 bucks and have everything I need from the start even if it means redeeming the insert for your specific phone on the site or having a voucher included to get the insert.

Why do you/don't you need it?

The Qi charging standard is slowly becoming the norm, and as such, wireless charging will soon become a standard feature for all devices. If you want to get your foot in the door and be an early adopter then this wireless charger is a great starting point. People that constantly charge their phones at the office will definitely benefit as this design is unobtrusive and eliminates the need for the plugs and wires all over the place.

My Take:

As a technophile and lover of gadgets I really enjoyed reviewing the VU Solo and I was fortunate to already have the Samsung charging cover for my Note 4. Having to run around to find either the Tylt insert or a third party insert would have delayed the review and really would have been a pain in the ass. If you are looking to eliminate clutter and wires and want to get into wireless charging then I definitely say give the VU Solo a shot. While a few companies have embraced the wireless standard and have dedicated docks, the VU Solo works with any phone or tablet. Be on the lookout for our review of the VU Wireless charging car mount also from Tylt.

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