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4W Review: Audiosource Sound pOp

What is it?

The Sound pOp is a portable bluetooth speaker and speakerphone that can be used with all bluetooth enabled devices including phones, tablets, mp3 players and computers. It's rubber and silicone body allows it be used in areas with water that may otherwise damage conventional bluetooth speakers.

What does it do?

The Sound pOp is a dual-purpose device allowing you to listen to music from any bluetooth enabled device as well as take calls. The suction stand not only allows the unit to stand upright but can be also be mounted on walls or stick to a table to prevent it from being knocked over. The suction stand can also be stuck to your mobile device allowing the Sound pOp to function as a stand which I found to be quite useful since it was the method I seemed to utilize most. The ability to stream and answer calls up to 32 feet coupled with 8hrs of playtime is huge plus.

What's wrong with it?

I have reviewed a few different speakers and I think the top opening really yields a clearer sound than the Ecko Blast which generates sound through the bottom of the speaker. The suction stand at times is questionable with regards to adhering to certain surfaces, but that is an issue with any suction product. Battery life and call quality are solid. I would like to see smaller speakers like this with dedicated fast forward and rewind buttons instead of relying on double clicking to advance or reverse tracks.

Why do you/don't you need it?

There is definitely a market for these smaller and more affordable bluetooth speakers, and with its durable rubber and silcone outside the Sound pOp definitely has a lot going for it.  While the waterproof capabilities are something that most will not care for, I tested the unit in both the shower and sauna and it made the thirty minutes in the sauna and steam room bearable. If you are a wrestler or a fighter that needs to cut weight, having this in there with your favorite music playing will make the experience a lot more bearable.  It also makes a great speakerphone for your car in pinch or if you want to hear your GPS and don't have a bluetooth enabled head unit.

My Take:

I was pleasantly surprised by the Sound pOp due to it's unique shape and construction and found my time with it to be extremely enjoyable. The Sound pOp not only delivered some solid audio but withstood a ton of abuse. It's rubberized construction took on it's fair share of drops and water and it continued pumping out music and taking calls with no degradation of sound. Audiosource delivered a great product and I think it will be instrumental in getting their brand recognized on a larger scale. The $39.99 MSRP makes it an attractive purchase and if you head to Amazon you can choose a Sound pOp in one of six colors for less than the MSRP price. I definitely can't recommend the Sound pOp enough. Nice work AudioSource!

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