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7scarlet Coming to Steam Next Year

7'scarlet - key art

7’scarlet brings the story of a brave young girl ‘Ichiko Hanamaki’ investigating the
disappearance of her brother in the remote town of Okunezato. The players will encounter
romance between intriguing characters that conceive their own desires. Penetrate into a
plot full of suspense, love and mystery while challenging your detective skills.

Ichiko will form intimate relationships with various characters in this as childhood friend Kagutsuchi Hino follows her. Players can explore multiple character paths and change the course of the story as it plays out against beautifully illustrated environments with dynamic background effects. Developed by Idea Factory and Toybox Inc, 7'scarlet features characters designed by Chinatsu Kurahana. The Steam version will be fully voiced and feature beautiful HD displays. Look forward to more information coming soon.